Another IF illustration

on a rainy Sunday

in a warm house

and slippers


Lockjaw said...

Hi Amy, love what your doing with your illustrations and your captions. I love the raw quality, i think its something missing in my own.

Piper said...

great! i love your blog!
i will definitely be back.
are you a fan as i am of Tim Burton,Lenore,and Edward Gorey,
i wonder.

Daniela Rojze said...

thank you for your comment on my blog!
I love your style. Is very dark and sweet.
Funny fact: when I saw your picture I thought for an instant it was myself. My husband also thought I had started a new blog!

Forever Young said...

ha ha this is terrific...love your stuff!

Piper said...

thanks for mentioning Neil Gaiman
on my blog because i didn't know of him until you came along!
his work is awesome. i need to get
my hands on the Coraline book and
i'm dying to see the film when it's ready.
thanks again and once again i
love your work and am so happy
to have come across your blog.

veronica darling said...

Love the colours here! So different!

xoxo P.s. got you a parcel! Woo! Saw you liked the dress! Woo!

Anonymous said...

how do i buy this one?